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(This docs site is still under construction and is updated frequently)
Hexagon Finance is a one-stop decentralized trading and investment platform on Avalanche.
Hexagon Finance‘s Phase 1 product is the officially endorsed fork by Balancer on Avalanche. Defrost Finance and Wanlabs will provide operational and technical support for Hexagon Finance's development. Copper, fully in collaboration with Hexagon Finance, is providing an open and user-friendly way to participate in the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP).
Liquidity Pools on Hexagon Finance contain two or more tokens that traders can swap between, with novel AMM algorithms tailored to the nature of the pools. Liquidity Providers put their tokens in the pools in order to collect swap fees.
Pools with high token counts are like index funds, allowing users to have access to broad exposure to a variety of tokens like a portfolio. Where Hexagon Finance differs from the traditional notion of an index fund, however, is in the additional fees collected from transactions.
"It's great to finally land the Balancer Protocol on Avalanche and work with our partners at Hexagon Finance" - Andrea, Partnership Lead, Balancer DAO
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