Hexagon Docs

Token Distribution

All of the FLAKE tokens will be minted initially and stored in different multi-sig addresses. The addresses will be public once the protocol is online.
The FLAKE distribution and vesting terms may be updated according to the fund-raising events before launch.
Amount of Tokens
Airdrops & LBP
Liquidity Mining Emissions

Airdrops & Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP)

5% of the Total Max Supply of FLAKE (5,000,000 FLAKE) is allocated for airdrops and Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool purposes.
All of the airdrop activities will be announced through official channels, like Twitter and Medium.
The Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool will use the allocated FLAKE (around 5,000,000 FLAKE), together with the equivalent worth of USDC, to initiate a public fundraising activity on Copper Launch, for the liquidity bootstrapping purposes.
  • FLAKE tokens will be distributed using a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) on Copper Launch. FLAKE LBP will start on 9th May, the exact time will be announced on our official channels.
  • The LBP will run for 72 hours and is open to anyone.
  • The LBP is not like a regular weighted pool. The price will start relatively high to disincentivize bots, front-running and speculation. Over time, the price will automatically decrease by design.
  • FLAKE/USDC LBP weight starts at 80/20 (with a higher FLAKE price) and declines to 50/50 (lower FLAKE price) over 72 hours.
  • The price will be increasing when someone makes a purchase of the FLAKE token in the LBP, while decreasing if sold back into the pool, or no one makes a purchase as time passes.
  • The FLAKE tokens purchased can be sold back into the pool within the LBP period.
  • Upon launch, the remaining FLAKE paired with the equivalent amount of USDC (converted from USDC collected from LBP) will be transferred into an 80/20 FLAKE/USDC weighted pool on Hexagon Finance.
A how-to-guide on LBP


6% of the total maximum supply will be allocated to the team.
The tokens in this slot will be locked for 6 months upon launch, and linearly released in 24 months.


Hexagon Finance is incubated by Balancer. 12% of the total maximum supply will be allocated to them.
The tokens in this slot will be locked for 6 months upon launch, and linearly released in 24 months.


12% of FLAKE tokens are allocated for Treasury Reserves.
All of the spending including marketing activities using Treasury Reserves will be announced through the official channels, like Twitter and Medium.
In the future, any marketing events, costing more than 100,000 FLAKE tokens, will be decided by the community governance procedures once they are online.
Also, the Treasury Fund will be used to attract and incentivize strategic partners that will help Hexagon Finance grow and thrive. Any other future allocations, like market-making on future centralized exchanges, etc., will also be from Treasury Fund.
Hexagon Finance commits itself to never using any of the funds in the Treasury Fund to pay or reward any of its team members or employees. This fund is exclusively reserved for airdrop events, marketing, partners, integrators and other teams in general that contribute to the Hexagon Finance ecosystem.
In general, the FLAKE tokens for Treasury Reserves will have a vesting schedule of 6 years, capped in each quarter.

Liquidity Mining Emissions

65% of the tokens are reserved as incentives for protocol liquidity contributors.